Kids Teeth Could Be Harmed With Cough Syrup

According to a new study that suggested that the children should brush their teeth after they swallow their cough syrup.

The researchers added that there are medications that are of a lot of help to the patient’s health, but they can be very bad for the teeth, so therefore one must maintain good oral habits at bedtime.

These findings are based on a study that involved a cough medicine that is involved in treating respiratory allergies. It was found that the syrup was pretty acidic and it had no fluoride but only a small amount of calcium in it and these are all the factors that could lead to tooth erosion.
In the study the team of researchers collected samples of tooth enamel and they dipped it in various solutions so as to stimulate the normal oral setting during the 24 hour period of time for about 10 days. The researchers found that the antihistamine syrup led to erosion in a few of the tooth samples to which the antihistamine was applied to, whereas the tooth samples to which the fluoride was applied showed signs of protected enamel and thus showed its capability of decreasing the effect of an erosive product.

The researchers wanted to warn the parents that they need to be aware long term use of the cough syrups that are acidic in nature can result to increased risk of tooth decay.

This effect of acid on teeth can occur in the same way if the children drink orange juice at nighttime, which leads to have them increased sugar, increased attack from acid producing bacteria and this leading to increased risk of decay.

The decaying can be prevented if good dental habits are maintained, so it is truly important that regular brushing is done so as to prevent the decaying of teeth.

The researchers also added that there is very little risk of decaying if the kids are on the cough syrups for a very short period of time.


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