Medical Errors Are Reduced Through New Drug Labels

Recently the Food and Drug Administration announced that they are going to overhaul entirely the drug labels on the drugs that contain information, which is all confusing to the patients and they hope that this will reduce the injuries and the deaths being caused by it.

It was also said that it does not affect the drug information sheets that the patients receive, but they said that it will change as to how the drugs will be advertised and may offer liability protections to drug makers.

According to the stats there are about 300,000 people that are injured and there are about 100,000 who are killed every year from the medical errors and they said that prescribing errors is a major cause of this.

The data also suggests that only one in ten physicians routinely read drug labels, which gives the complete information about the drugs, its side effects and benefits. Even after reading the drug labels there is very little information that the doctors gain from that.

The doctors even say that the labels are a whole lot confusing and there is tons of information that one can find there but it is all jumbled up and one can get easily confused.

Now according to the Food and Drug Administration, they say that the drug labels will now have highlights section that will summarize the important information that is needed to prescribe the drug safely. They also said that this new section will also list safety warnings and also summarize the recent changes. It also mentioned that this section will also add the advice as to how to use and write the dosage of drug and as to what the doctors must tell their patients about the drugs.
The doctors mentioned that avoiding preventable medication errors is a major issue and this is a major step making this possible in the future.

Another important thing that the drug agency added was that there is an estimate of about $4 billion to $4.8 billion dollars that are spent on medical errors and can be avoided by providing all the information necessary to the doctors to prevent those errors and this can be achieved through better labeling of the drugs.


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