Women Must Not Work Long Hours

In every society whether it is North, South, East, West, women are playing a very major role. We do not have to go anywhere to see all that clearly, we can see that all in our homes where a woman is working for so many hours each day. The day starts in the morning when the children are up, fixing the breakfast, take the kids to school, doing the chores, going to a job, picking up the kids from school, coming back home and fixing the lunch for the kids, help them finish their homework, planning on what to cook for dinner, and so on till the kids go back to sleep and the women have been seen working for almost the entire day where they just are able to get a sleep of about only five to six hours.

There was a recent study that shed light on the fact that women who work longer hours are more likely to get themselves into the habits of snacking, drinking caffeine, smoking, drinking, which is just due to the stress that they are in because they work longer hours and this puts a very negative effect on their life. This life pattern is something that just goes on and on till the kids are of an age where they able to take care of themselves and it is then the responsibility of the mother just comes to a little lower level and the work and stress on her end just goes down a bit. The women all over the world are in such routines. Some women are doing a job and some women don’t and the women who are not doing any jobs do find some time where they are able to find some time available to them and less stress, but again the responsibility of raising children is the biggest responsibility that the women are taken responsible for.

There are a lot of women who were being questioned as to what are the different things that they would want in their life so that their responsibility level just goes down a bit and they are able to manage the different things in a much better way. Most of the women said that they were not happy because of the fact that they are doing the best as they can but they do not hear a single word of appreciation and they are just being blamed for the different things that go wrong. They said that there are so many things that are on their mind but there is no one except them who wants to do them. The one thing that was coming out as a common was that the women were getting no help from their men and instead they were being blamed that the children are not being raised the right way, the chores are not being done the way they should, the food is not cooked and a lot of other blames that are being thrown on them.

Well if we see things from the aspect of women we will see that they are working long hours and that they are the ones who are suffering from a lot of abuse and that is affecting their life a whole lot for them to indulge into the unhealthy habits of drinking, smoking etc. It was asked from these women as to what are the different things that can be done so that the level of stress is reduced and they can adopt a healthy lifestyle and they said that they only need a pat on the back that they have done good and a little of help that can be given to them from their men and they said that it is all that they need because their lives have turned really sick with a constant bickering and they are even living in more stress and it is just that their patience is running thin with every single minute that passes by.

The researchers found out that the women who are working for longer hours are the ones who are eating a lot of snacks that are high in fat and sugar, and along with that they are exercising less and are drinking more caffeine than their counter part male colleagues who are working with them. One can say whatever the bad habits they adopt they are just going to go to the extremes of them and that they are just accepting their lives with whatever the bad patterns they have adopted with a denial that they need any change in that. On the other hand it was also found in the study that the working hours for men did not cause them to indulge into any bad habits and it did not impact on their level of exercise, smoking or caffeine intake.

The researchers pointed out that since the women are under a whole lot of stress, this just changes their behavior towards a lot of things and one of those things is their eating habits and this just tends to hurt their health in a lot of ways. It is also being said that men enjoy working longer hours because they get self importance through that and that they can say that they have worked longer hours so that they are unable to help with the chores, which just puts a lot of extra burden on the women. This is something that is very much affecting the lives of the women because they are just pushed under a whole lot of responsibilities and that they are unable to take care of themselves and this just puts a very negative effect on their lives.

It is also being said that these women when are too anxious or are emotionally labile, they just switch their attention from that aspect and put their attention more on eating so that they do not have to think of the factors that are causing them to be anxious. The researchers said that it is just a way for them to escape from the thoughts that they are going through and that is why they adopt these unhealthy habits because it is their way out.

I just want to send this word out to the men who are reading this article is that they need to put in as much as they can into helping their women because they need them and they should not be left alone because if they are left alone then they will see that it will have a negative impact on the entire family and it will only worsen things out and that will not be good for the children or the couple and this will just make the matter worse and will create a whole lot of distance among everyone.


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