Grapefruit Juice Affecting The Absorption Of Drugs

According to the latest research, it has been found that the grapefruit juice affects the absorption of different drugs in the body. This affect of grapefruit juice on the drug metabolism can be considered as positive as well as negative.

There is an enzyme in the intestine, which is known as CYP3A, which breaks down the drug, which was then partially absorbed. The grapefruit contains a component known as furanocoumarin, which interferes with the enzyme, CYP3A, which in turn would lead to the absorption of more drug.

This would help a lot of individuals who have problems with drug absorption due to the presence of the enzyme CYP3A and would hence be able to provide a lot of active drug to the system.
The active ingredient that is present in the grapefruit that degrades the enzyme CYP3A is furanocoumarin, which degrades the enzyme, and those people who are not being able to tolerate the grapefruit juice would be able to take the active ingredient present in the grapefruit juice to help provide the body with a good amount of drug available to the body, which otherwise would be degraded down due to the enzyme.

There was a study that was conducted to support this fact. In this study there was a group of people who have been on different medication for different conditions such as medicines for blood pressure control or birth control pills. The main object was to test the availability of the different drugs to the body system after furanocoumarin is being given.

The researchers extracted out the active ingredient and then the individuals who were taking part in the study were said to fast and then they were given the medicines such as felodipine for the regulation of blood pressure, the brand name of which is Plendil. The individuals were then given the furanocoumarin, the juice which is free of furanocoumarin, as well as orange juice randomly.

After that, the individuals just had their regular meals and then they took the blood samples to find as to the availability of the medicines and it was found that the individuals who had taken furanocoumarin had about 6-230 percent more availability of the drug Plendil to the body system, and the individuals who had taken the grapefruit juice without the furanocoumarin and orange juice had no such effect.

The individuals who take grapefruit on a regular basis must consult with their physicians so that they can get proper recommendation whether they should be taking the grapefruit or not so as to prevent any adverse effects on the body.


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