Headaches Due To Medication Overuse

Headache is the most common medical condition that almost everyone goes through in their everyday life. There are a lot of causes of headaches and they range in severity from being mild, moderate and severe. The most common step that people take when they are suffering from headaches is that they will use medication that will take the edge off pain.

A lot of times these medications benefit the individuals and they will find that their pain goes away with the administration of the medication, but there are times that even when the medication is being taken, the pain does not go away. It might be because they have developed tolerance to the medication that they have taken to relieve the pain or they have developed rebound due to the use of analgesia.

This is a vicious circle in which no matter how many pain killers an individual is taking, the pain would just grow and grow and would not go away even after taking painkillers to abort the pain. This condition in which the headache pain becomes worse even after taking the headache medications excessively is known as medication overuse headaches. Another name that can be given to this condition is known as analgesic rebound headaches.

The medications with which the headaches can occur include aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen. It is best that when the individual is suffering from a rebound headache, one must change the medicine so that they can prevent themselves from the precipitating rebound headaches.

Headaches are a very irritable phenomenon where the individual cannot focus, gets irritable and just feels to be left alone, does not like the lights, noise etc., which are pretty aggravating and can thus increase the intensity of the pain.

People who have been going through these headaches say that they have been through hell suffering from these headaches and they really need to have something to abort them because they are just unable to focus on anything in their lives.

Just to be in the shoes for a little while, how did you feel when you had that throb in the back of your head or how did you feel when you had that headache that was covering your head as a band, I believe these were the feelings that made you feel really bad and you just wanted that episode of headache to end.

You just need to know that if you are having a headache that is not being relieved by the same painkillers that you are taking, then you need to change the medication and hopefully you will be able to get out of the clutches of the pain.


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