Adult Type 2 Diabetes has A Growing Trend Today

We are quite aware of the term diabetes. But do we really know that there are different types of it? There are mainly the three types of diabetes type 1 that happens to children, type 2 that happens to adults and third is gestation. Adults are prone to type 2 diabetes.

There is a common myth about diabetes. It is felt that if a person is over weight, he suffers from diabetes. This is not true. Diabetes is mainly caused because of less secretion of the hormone called as insulin. This state is called as insulin resistance. Due to this the sugar remains in the blood unconverted and unutilized. This causes more presence of sugar in blood and urine and thus the type 2 diabetes occur. It is quite common today. Almost 1% of people in the world suffer from diabetes.

Due to failure of sugar regulation diabetes is caused and this state is called as insulin resistance. This type of diabetes is also called as beta cell failure. But how will you recognize that you are suffering from diabetes? You can understand this if you know what are the symptoms.

  • You can find the level of sugar in your blood has gone up.
  • The fat level in the blood also rises leading to blockage of arteries.
  • There might be increase in blood pressure.
  • Your weight suddenly starts dropping

The symptoms are common in all the three types. The above symptoms are something you may ignore so the discussion of common symptoms becomes necessary that indicates diabetes and even you can know that.

  • You may feel utter thirst.
  • You may feel frequent urination.
  • You will experience acute joint pain.
  • You will feel that your body has loosened up a bit.
  • You cannot resist hunger. If you feel hungry, you feel nausea.
  • You are more prone to skin infections.

If you have the above symptoms you must get your blood and urine tested. Then if you find that you are suffering from diabetes, you must do the following along with the medications as prescribed by the doctor:

You must keep the check on your diet and see to it that the sugar levels are maintained and not increased.

You will also need to learn to measure your blood glucose levels and to inject yourself with insulin when required. You must have meals at regular intervals consisting of a lot of fibers. You must keep the doctor's number with you and call him up if there is any emergency. You cannot take any chance.


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