Best Diabetes Diet is A Diet Having Fiber And Protein

Keeping away from diabetes or controlling it does not mean that you have to completely keep away from your favorite foods. You have to maintain your diet in such a way that you keep sugar levels under a check. You do not have to break up with your routine habits, but must make some changes in the food patterns that would have a lot of fibers and proteins. If you are over weight, you must bring down the weight with some food changes and exercises that has to be done on regular basis. Even though you do not have diabetes, if you follow a good lifestyle along with exercise, you can always keep fit.

Starch foods and fatty foods act as a foe to diabetics. They must keep away such stuffs like jams, jellies, pies, candies chocolates etc. Doctors do not recommend complete stoppage of intake of such foods. Instead, they recommend that those who are diabetic can have such foods but within certain limits. This is because if you completely avoid these foods, you will have deep craving for the same.

The best diabetic diet would include a lot of fibers and proteins. The foods that have saturated fat and sugar must be consumed in very moderate quantity. You must be well aware of the nutritional value of the foods that you have every day. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are a good source of fiber and proteins. Dried beans, citrus fruits etc are also a good source of fiber.

When you have a craving to have something sweet, rather than a candy you must concentrate on fresh fruit. The food cooked should be cooked in moderate quantity of oil. Oils must be olive and canola oil as these are mono-saturated oils as compared to the other oils.


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