Diabetes Care is The Ladder Towards Good Health

One thing has to be kept in mind that diabetes is incurable. You have to remain with it for the rest of your life. There are mainly 3 types. Type 1 occurs to children, type 2 occurs in case of adults and the 3rd is gestational diabetes in case of some pregnant females. You have to remain cautious about your diet and must exercise regularly once you get this disease.

Type 1 diabetes occurs when one's immune system gradually attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Certain symptoms make it necessary to get yourself checked up. You must be careful if you are extremely thirsty every now and then, if you experience fatigue and frequent urination, if wounds heal slowly, if you have blurry vision and numbness in your hands and feet etc. The people who are caused with this must get insulin into their body every day to maintain the blood sugar levels. Sugar levels must be monitored on regular basis or else you may heave to face some emergency. You can use the glucose measuring kit for measuring the sugar levels at regular intervals.

In case of diabetes type 2 the body fails to break down the sugar and utilize it from the blood cells. This causes high blood sugar. Medications as prescribed by the doctor along with proper meals and regular exercise can stabilize this disorder. Diabetes is a critical situation and one has to be very careful. This is because due to diabetes you may get kidney problems, eye problems, heart attack, skin problems etc.

Diabetes that is of type 3 or gestational as caused to pregnant females is temporary in nature and is gone after the baby is born. But the chance of such females for diabetes is more at the later stage. Diabetes gives a lot of other problems like heart trouble, blood pressure etc. If diabetes care is ignored you may be held in a dangerous situation.

You must be careful from the start itself to keep away from diabetes by regular exercises like walking and swimming. You must also have a good and healthy lifestyle including nutritious meal. Diabetes care is important to avoid emergency of any type.


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