Type 2 Diabetes is A Serious Disorder

Type 2 diabetes known as adult onset, is basically a consequence of unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, or other health factors. Mainly it happens to adults. It may also be genetic. It is mainly because the body cells become insulin resistant.

There are several symptoms of diabetes type 2. If you are experiencing some symptoms like fatigue, excessive thirst and hunger, frequent urination etc, you must become cautious and must visit a doctor. You must get yourself checked up. You may have diabetes type 2.

Treatment for Type 2 diabetes is complicated and different for each individual. Many doctors prescribe a series of pills, in increasing dosages, in an attempt to control blood glucose levels. The patient must concentrate on having good eating habits. The patient must eat nutritious food like fruits, vegetables and legumes etc. Diet plays a very important role in the treatment of diabetes type 2. It can definitely be stabilized but can never be cured. So you have to be cautious through out your life.

In addition to medicines, your doctor may prescribe others--to maintain blood pressure, cholesterol, and other factors that have instantly increased your susceptibility of having a heart attack. A doctor will prescribe a diabetic patient for blood glucose readings every six weeks. When reading the results, the doctor can determine an average blood glucose reading for the previous three months, and deliver a score of 1-12. A perfect score to achieve is 7.


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