Diabetes Cure Will Make Life Easier for The Patients

Diabetes is an incurable disease and if you are the unfortunate one, you must be cautious through out your life. Science has not yet discovered the complete cure for this. It cannot be eradicated completely. It will be the best thing under the sun to get some complete cure for diabetes. Diabetes cure is thus an urgent issue.

Diabetes Type I is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes or childhood diabetes. It usually attacks children or adolescents. The secretion of insulin is decreased until it becomes negligible. Using insulin injections, diet, exercise and continuous monitoring on the levels of glucose in the blood of the affected person, diabetes can be stabilized.

If an appropriate donor is available to donate the islet cells and transplant it from the pancreas, the disease can be cured. It has been found that even though it is effective, it is not completely perfect. This is because in 20 % cases this treatment has failed. And, it can't be used to treat children.

On the other hand, there is diabetes Type II. In this kind of diabetes, insulin levels are normal. But the body becomes insulin resistant. The problem is with the surrounding tissue, which stops accepting insulin. The actual choice is to use a drug like metformin, do exercise and eat a nutritious and high fiber diet.

Biotech and nanotech are the boons for the patients of diabetes. Life can be easier to a person who suffers of diabetes. One of these possible breakthroughs is, spleen cells. Right now the Massachusetts General Hospital Immunobiology Laboratory is experimenting spleen cells in mice. And in many cases the disease is stopped, even reversed. The research is still going on and it may take a decade to get the accurate results for the same.

Another possibility that is being explored is the use of gene therapy. The Baylor College of Medicine is testing a new procedure in which they inject cells to the livers of infected mice. The initial results show that the mice are cured.


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