The Low Carb Diabetes Diet is Beneficial to Even Non-Diabetics

A low carb diet means a low carbohydrate containing diet. Yes, it is beneficial that people suffering from diabetes control their sugar levels by keeping away the carbs. Today, there are many people telling you many different things. Some of them are merely myths. So the clarification as regards to the discussion becomes important.

Diabetes is caused due to lack of insulin. Your body needs insulin to break down the sugar and convert it into energy. But if insulin is not released in enough quantity as in diabetes type 1 or the body becomes insulin resistant as in diabetes type 2, the sugar remains in the blood. Thus the glucose level in the blood rises. Over weight people are more prone to such diseases. Also there are chances that you have inherited it. If your body does not produce enough insulin then the area around the abdomen accumulates a lot of fat. This is because the sugar conversion has not taken place properly.

As it is said that prevention is better than cure. You have to eat meals at regular intervals. You must take 2 main meals and 3-4 snacks. The diet must be rich in fiber and protein. You can derive this from legumes, cereals and fresh fruits and vegetables. If you exercise regularly along with a good diet you can always avoid this deadly disease.

Diabetes is incurable. But if you have it please do not get depressed to hear this. You can stabilize it by regular exercise, medications and most important, a good diet. Doctors strongly recommend low carbs. Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc are high in carbs and has to be avoided. As fruits and vegetables are complex, it takes more time for them to be digested. Thus you will not feel hungry fast. But starchy foods make you feel hungry every now and then.


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