Pre Diabetes Diet Can Save You from Lot of Problems

Some people have higher sugar in blood than the normal content but not that much that you can call it diabetes, this state is said to be pre diabetic state. But the fact is that a person, with such levels of sugar are more prone to diabetes. A pre diabetic person also is susceptible to cardiac problems, problems relating to blood pressure etc. There are certain symptoms that you have to take care of. If you are having such symptoms you must rush to the physician.

If you are overweight, If your age is above 45 years, if diabetes runs in your family, if there is a history of gestational diabetes in the family, if you have high blood pressure, if you have given birth to a baby above the weight of 9 pound. If you have all these symptoms then you are at a chance to have diabetes type 2. Even if you are pre diabetic you will have to alter your diet.

Here comes into picture, a pre diabetes diet. The diet has to be altered to some extent. You must contact a dietician, who can give you guidance as regards to the same. Mostly they recommend you to have your meals regularly. There should be two main meals along with 3 snacks at regular intervals. This will help to share the load of food by pancreas at one time only. You must eat sweets in moderation. You must avoid shopping for foods when you are hungry. You must get high amount of protein and fiber from your diet. Thus you must indulge into legumes, fruits and vegetables. Have whole grains in your diet.


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