American Diabetes- A Threat to The Country

According to the statistical data around 18 million people in U.S. are suffering from diabetes and 3 million don't even know about it. Today, the trend is rising by leaps and bounds. There are many people, who constantly eat junk food and do not exercise and ignore their health. Things are ridiculous and they are really sufferers.

What is American Diabetes? Diabetes is normally considered as a genetic disease. But unfortunately, to people's ignorance, it is mainly the reason of an unhealthy diet and an irregular lifestyle. And American diet is not that healthy. Due to the junk food that they eat they have weight increase. Also due to busy lifestyles, they do not fight with their weight and this can cause diabetes.

The cost of American diabetes to the US economy was of $132 billion in 2002. This is divided into: $91.8 billion for direct medical expenditures, $23.2 billion for diabetes care, $24.6 billion for other problems caused by diabetes and $44.1 billion for medical conditions related to diabetes. $50 billion were for people with an age of 65, or more. In the 2002 it was the sixth leading cause of death in America.

How you can fight with this? Patients must be educated. There should be seminars held on this topic and people who suffer and also who do not suffer must actively participate in this. They only need to do some exercise and change the pattern of their food intake. These two small factors could help reduce the huge amounts of money that the American government has to invest in its population health.


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