Symptoms And Hazards of Child Diabetes

Child diabetes is type1 diabetes. It mainly occurs to children. It may even occur to adults but it is very rare. The secretion of insulin decreases and finally when it becomes negligible. When this is the case, your child's blood sugar rises because the glucose remains unutilized. This is child diabetes.

This happens very quickly. The first symptom is polyuria, also known as frequent urination. Polyuria is related to many other diseases and conditions that have no relation with child diabetes. So you cannot consider simply frequent urination as the conclusion.

The next symptom is polydipsia. Polydipsia is caused by polyuria. It means excessive thirst. The person urinates so much that he requires compensating his level of body water. If the person doesn't take water, the body will start using water from the blood cells, causing cell dehydration. This condition should be avoided.

Another common symptom is blurred vision. Since the body has a high level of glucose inside the blood, this will change the shape of the lens of the eye. Thus, he will start seeing blurred. This is mainly because of rise in sugar level in blood.

There is a smell of acetone in child's breath. The child experiences nausea, abdominal pain, unconsciousness, vomits etc. The child may also have diabetic coma, which is the most dangerous state. Worst thing is that it does not have any cure. But still there is research going on for this disorder.


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