Diabetes Diet Information Plays A Crucial Role to Control Diabetes

Insulin is secreted by pancreas to break down the glucose that you get from food in your blood and convert it to energy for you to do your daily activities with. When your body does not release enough insulin or when certain cells resist the effects of insulin, diabetes is the result of it. This can also create problems for your heart and high cholesterol levels. Diabetes is an incurable disease. It makes your life tough as it has certain consequences that are dangerous to your life. You may develop heart problems, vision problems, skin disorders, kidney failure, gangrene etc.

Along with medication you can improve your health with the help of diabetes diet information. It provides you the information about the foods that you must eat and the foods that must be avoided. You may be given oral insulin medications or in case of heavy diabetes you can also be given insulin injections. But diet plays a very crucial role to maintain the glucose levels under a check.

The kind of diabetes diet information that your doctor will suggest to you depends on your overall health. If you have high cholesterol as well as diabetes, your doctor will suggest the south beach diet, consisting of blend of whole grains, fruit and lean protein to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. If you want to just keep your blood sugar down, then the Atkins or Zone.


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