Diabetes Complication Can Make Your Life Worse

Diabetes is a disease that stays with you forever. You must hence maintain caution and take care of your diet and must exercise regularly in order to maintain the glucose level. You must not indulge in to high sugary foods and live a lethargic life. You must be active and must walk, swim and exercise regularly to keep fit. Your diet must be a good source of fiber and protein. Thus you can stabilize this disease and keep away from diabetes complication.

If you are a diabetic and are not cautious to avoid any complications, you are harming your self. You must know that if you are suffering from any diabetes complication, this is mainly the result of damage generated in small and large blood vessels.

Small vessels disease complications cause a series of problems that are usually associated with diabetes. The main ones are blurred vision and necrosis. Another, less known consequence is renal failure. If this happens, the patient may need a transplant or a machine to continue living.

Large vessel disease complications generate more serious medical complications. Attacks are a common cause of death for people suffering from terminal diabetes. Peripheral and ischemic heart disease can also appear. In the case of peripheral heart disease, due to ulcer the damaged limb will have to face amputation. Heart disease and blood pressure problems are also due to high blood sugar. This may also lead to death.


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