Diabetes under Control Can Add Years to Your Life

Diabetes is difficult to cure. But firstly it is difficult to trace. In some people it has been for years but are unaware. It is a silent killer. You must be well aware of its symptoms and must take quick action once you have the knowledge of the same. Diabetes under control is not harmful but if it goes out of control you may even lose your life.

Some of the common symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, numbness in hands and feet, skin disorders, experiencing fatigue etc. If someone is ignorant of these symptoms and does not take action then diabetes under control is an impossible thing. You must share your knowledge with such people about the chances of gangrene and heart attacks. A person may lose a limb. With attacks a person loses his life.

Diabetes under control can avoid other problems like blood pressure, heart problems, kidney failure etc. Diabetes under control is actually adding years to your life. But you must be persistent and must continue with a good diet and regular exercise. Of course, medication as prescribed by the doctor plays a very important role.


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