Cause of Juvenile Diabetes is Unavoidable - But You Can Stabilize It, If It Occurs

Juvenile diabetes is a disease, which can greatly affect a young person's life. If your child is suffering from this kind of a disease, you are really concerned and want to take steps to fight against it.

This is also called as diabetes type 1. It is a genetic disease that creates an autoimmune response to pancreatic antigens, thus causing these proteins to break down. It is not because of obesity or eating sugary foods. Pancreas secrete hormone called as insulin that converts the glucose into energy. But when the immune system is affected by any such hindrance by insulin, it may cause diabetes. Nearly 1.4 million people suffer from it.

The symptoms that would indicate juvenile diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst, loss of weight, fatigue, blurred vision, numbness in hands and feet. If there are such symptoms that you observe in your children, you must get your child checked up. This has really hazardous consequences like kidney failure, eye problem, digestive problems, ulcers etc.

However this disease has to be controlled. You must see a doctor. Your doctor will prescribe diet, insulin, exercise and checking of glucose levels for your child. You must take care of your child's diet and must make him take the medicines and exercise regularly. If the child has a healthy lifestyle his disease can be stabilized.


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