Cause of Diabetes is Mainly Related to Your Lifestyle-Let Us Know The Symptoms

The situation of insulin resistance that is when the body secretes less insulin or the insulin is unable to utilize excess sugar it leads to increase in blood sugar levels. When this thing persists, it leads to diabetes.

There are three types of diabetes, type 1 for children, type 2 for adults or gestational diabetes in case of pregnancy in some cases.

Type 1diabetes is due to lack of proper insulin secretion. Patients sometimes should take insulin injections. This will bring the blood sugar levels in check. These injections are continued till the normal standards are attained. This type of diabetes is also called as juvenile onset.

The body becomes insulin resistant and gradually diabetes type 2 is caused.

Sometimes some pregnant women may get gestational diabetes. This may happen to some females but not all females are exposed to this kind of diabetes.

How can you know that you have got diabetes? If you are undergoing through certain symptoms, you can easily detect the presence of this disease in you. You may feel excessively thirsty. You may also urinate frequently. You may have sudden weight loss. When you feel hungry you cannot control your self and have to eat something or you feel nausea. You may feel that your vision is blurred. You may have frequent skin infections. Your blood will not clot fast on an injury. You may feel tired and may feel numbness or losing of hands and feet.

Mostly people who are above 45 may encounter with this disease. Over weight people are more prone to this disease. If you have an unhealthy diet full of junk food and do not have any physical exercise, you may get diabetes. This is also a genetic one, so you may have it. If you have any vascular or blood pressure problem, you may have it.


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