The South Beach Diabetes Diet will Bring Back The Wave of Good Health

Today, junk food is ruling the whole world. But such food is really very unhealthy and risky for your life for long term. If you want to prevent yourself from diabetes or if you are a diabetic and are looking into a healthier way of eating, you must consider the south beach diabetes diet.

Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin production. When you eat something sugary, blood glucose levels are raised, this the release of insulin into your system. Insulin breaks down the glucose and covert is to energy. When you do not have enough insulin in your system, or when your body resists insulin the glucose levels rise. This may cause you serious diabetes.

Atkins diet relies heavily on very low carb foods such as meat, cheese, and other high-fat foods that will not require as much insulin, and is slower to digest, thus causing a feeling of fullness and reduced eating leading to eventual weight loss. But this is not good for your heart. The south beach diabetes diet is thus better.

The south beach diabetes diet is a blend of whole grains, fresh fruit, lean meat, veggies and is low in breads and sugars. It is mainly to reduce the negative effects of high cholesterol as well as to keep away from diabetes. If you are concerned about both health issues, the south beach diabetes diet may be a more beneficial diet for you than the others.


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